61% in Colorado Favor Legalizing, Regulating Marijuana – Rasmussen Reports™ Coloradoans will be voting whether to legalize marijuana this November, a ballot initiative that some say could impact the presidential race there. Most Colorado voters are in favor of legalizing the drug under certain conditions. Sixty-one percent (61%) of Likely Voters in Colorado favor legalizing […]

Originally Posted by 01merc No, the act says that employers are free to do what they wish in that area. The kid at Wal-Mart being fired is a good example. So don’t think you are protected at work. Many would like that addressed in the law, but until it is..you have no protection. …read more […]

Phillip SmithStopTheDrugWar US Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before the House Judiciary Committee Thursday and defended his Justice Department’s crackdown on medical marijuana cultivation and distribution. Holder told committee members the agency was only targeting only those medical marijuana businesses that were “acting out of conformity…with state law.” That had medical marijuana defenders up in […]

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Description Are you curious about the potency and quality of your medical marijuana? It is quickly becoming industry standard to test for cannabinoid content in cannabis. Testing your flowers, edibles, and concentrates benefits the entire medical marijuana community from the patient to the grower and everyone in between. As a dispensary, both you and the […]

  In case you haven’t heard, Gov. Dannel Malloy signed a bill into law that legalizes medical marijuana after “determining that the patient has a specified debilitating disease or medical condition and could benefit from its regulated treatment,” according to a press release from the governor’s office. “For years, we’ve heard from so many patients […]

BOSTON (AP) — The state Supreme Judicial Court has ruled in favor of medical marijuana opponents who say the likely November ballot question on the issue is misleading. Attorney General Martha Coakley and state Secretary William Galvin’s offices must now re-write the “yes” section of the ballot question in light of Thursday’s ruling by Associate […]

Print-friendly version of the whole rant Read all Karri Gallaugher’s News Views at CannabisFantastic.com Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, submitted a last-minute addition to the Agricultural Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012 that would legalize the production of industrial hemp. Wyden read from a prepared text saying, “Industrial hemp is used in many […]