INDUSTRIAL HEMPSHOULD BE LEGAL– NOT MARIJUANA HEMP. GOOD HEMP IS USEFUL.       From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia       Hemp is one of the earliest domesticated plants known.       Hemp is a term reserved mainly for low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) strains of the plant Cannabis sativa.  Of the approximately 2000 cannabis plants varieties […]

A multicenter investigation trial published in a recent issue of  the Journal of Pain concluded that cannabinoid therapy used an an adjuvant medication for cancer patients with pain that responded poorly to opioids, was an effective analgesia.  In this randomized study, nabiximols, a cannabinoid delivered as an oral mucosal spray, was evaluated for dose response  […]

****Is Legalizing Weed Obama’s Secret Weapon? In 2004 George W. Bush’s re-election campaign worked to put anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives up for vote in several swing states in order to turn out more hard-core conservatives to the polls. This year the question is whether marijuana legalization measures will turn out young voters for Obama. Bush’s […]

The Tragic History of Hemp, and Why It Must Be Decriminalized By David Kretzmann on June 17th, 2012 Perhaps one of the greatest economic and societal damages to come about through cannabis prohibition is the inability for American entrepreneurs to utilize a highly efficient…read more at

← Effector – Rat Brain Cdna Libraries Effector – Rod Cell Outer Segments → June 16th | Molecular Nerobiology A second sequence cannabinoid receptor in the immune system, but not in the brain. In this text, it is the receiver of the brain that will be discussed. It is obviously at the heart of well-known […]

← ATP – – Rat Brain Cdna Libraries ATP – – A The Dopamine Reuptake Transporter → June 16th | Molecular Nerobiology There are two main possibilities, but as always in the brain, there are probably other mechanisms at work as well. The first possibility arises because when cannabis binds to its receptor resulting in […]

Just tried RSO, Seriously does what the cheese did, and that really reduced my cronic spinal stynosis discomfort. I`m a fan now, until something else is developed that does the job safer and better.Lets all get on the Compassionate bandwagon and run the Goons and thugs out of town, and that would be a better  […]

Currently, 17 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. In the second half of 2012, seven more states will decide, either in the state legislature or via ballot initiatives, whether they will join them in legalizing the use of marijuana, in whole or in part. Recent polling shows that 3/4 of Americans […]

The man who brought you into the raw jungles of Vietnam (Platoon), the minds of demented psychopaths (Natural Born Killers) and who really killed President Kennedy (JFK) – has finally walked out of the cloud of smoke and revealed his marijuana use. It was revealed in an introspective magazine interview which also discloses that Oliver […]

Posted on | June 15, 2012 | Comments   It looks like the U.S. Attorney’s office has made good on its word to look at medical marijuana operations it suspects are operating outside the boundaries of California’s Prop. 215. The indictment of six men this week – three of them operators of G3 Holistic which […]