Toronto’s growing number of medical marijuana dispensaries are breaking the rules and could pay for it with tens of thousands of dollars in fines, one city official is warning.   Toronto marijuana dispensary sells pot to CBC reporter without doctor’s note Federal marijuana legislation to be introduced in spring 2017, Philpott says What can Canada learn from U.S., […]

A recent post on Walgreens’ blog raised eyebrows in the medical marijuana community. Titled “Clarifying Clinical Cannabis,” the post, written by a resident pharmacist at Walgreens and the University of Illinois at Chicago, isn’t an endorsement. “The content is strictly informative, and nowhere do we take any stance on the issue. It was developed to […]

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner came under fire Monday as the doctors, nurses and patients on a state panel that recommends whether to expand Illinois’ medical marijuana test program complained their suggestions are routinely ignored. The Medical Cannabis Advisory Board suggested that 10 previously recommended ailments receive approval, as well two new ones: Type 1 diabetes […]

By The Associated Press MONTPELIER, Vt. — Key legislative leaders said Monday they did not believe they could muster support in the House for a Senate-passed bill legalizing marijuana in Vermont. Instead, legalization supporters were pushing for compromise language to expand decriminalization — replacing criminal penalties with civil fines akin to a traffic ticket — […]

Local district attorneys say they will follow the law in handling marijuana cases as the state drafts regulations for the drug’s medical uses. In an open letter to the state’s 67 district attorneys, state Sen. Daylin Leach, D-Montgomery/Delaware, asked them to use “prosecutorial discretion to forgo prosecution of any person for possession of marijuana if […]

A Hawaii businessman selected Friday to run medical marijuana dispensaries on Kauai is being sued in civil court for allegedly stealing more than $375,000 from a business partner last October. On Friday, the Department of Health named eight licensees across Hawaii, including Justin Britt, of Green Aloha Ltd,. as the winner of a single license to grow and […]

The process of legalizing pot for recreational use isn’t expected to start until next year, but medical marijuana is already a hit in Calgary. A local clinic that works exclusively in cannabis has about 5,500 patients. “I do this because I believe that cannabis is a safer alternative to many of the medications that I have prescribed […]

Time to legalize marijuana In July 2000, civil unions became legal in Vermont. Conflict followed as some citizens continued to fear the changes in the social norms that followed. This gave way to the “Take Back Vermont” movement and the defeat in 2002 of legislators who were on record in support of civil union legislation. […]

New Hampshire’s first medical marijuana dispensary has officially opened its doors. Dozens of people lined up Saturday morning at the Sanctuary Alternative Treatment Center in Plymouth. The opening has been a long time coming, since state lawmakers legalized medicinal cannabis in July of 2013. Patients arriving in Plymouth Saturday morning with their medical marijuana cards […]

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Regulation versus de-regulation. The discussion over medical marijuana dispensaries continue in Lansing, all while the first ever CannQuest Conference and Expo draws in thousands to the Capital city. And this all has happened days before the Lansing City Council is expected to consider a moratorium on dispensaries in the area. 6 […]

The Vermont Senate approved a marijuana legalization bill earlier this year (S.241). Vermont’s Governor, Peter Shumlin, has expressed a strong desire to see Vermont become the first state to legalize marijuana via legislative action. Polls have shown that Vermont voters support marijuana legalization. So what is the hold up? So far this session, it’s been […]