Spiritual Marijuana

Hello, I am a grower.. Smoking pot is awesome! But sometimes you get to point in your life where you are looking to find yourself.. To find your God, your purpose, your DNA.. Well let me say this brew will send you on cosmic journey to hell and to heaven, you’ll die then be reborn.. […]

Grandma抯 Ganja Habit Fulla Nayak were there in the village about Kanarpur as part of your coastal district having to do with Kendrapada, Orissa. She been known everywhere in the an all in one cow-dung cabin allowing an individual her 92 year age – old daughter, Jamuna Nayak, and her 72 year old grandson, Narayan […]

Case: HARRIS v. CLEARLAKE POLICE DEPARTMENT (N.D.Cal. 7-25-2012) What happened: On September 3, 2011, at about 10:00 a.m., Plaintiff was stopped and detained, and after a period of about forty minutes, arrested by Defendant Hobbs for “resisting arrest.” While detained, Hobbs told Plaintiff that he “needed to stop doing paperwork. That isn’t good for you. […]

Emilio Morenatti / AP file Pat Robertson isn’t the only religious leader who supports legalization of marijuana. The Rev. Pat Robertson says America should legalize marijuana. Would Jesus agree? Msnbc.com put that question to a few theologians and religion experts, and the answer is … decidedly hazy. Robertson, the outspoken Christian evangelist and host of […]

A long read, but what else you got to do today? If you got the time, and are the least bit interested in philosophy… it’s definitely worth the read. The main difference between religious and atheistic philosophy is much more fundamental than just the existence of god or gods. A religious philosophy suggests the existence […]

I was in a dream, i had fallen asleep just taking a cat nap. Within my dream i remember i was searching for something, or someone, i cant be sure. It looked enchanting, like from a fairy tale story, rainbows, sunlight, rain that wasn’t getting me wet. I had this…raft in my arms, and i […]

What are you required to do in order to experience sense perception of god? If you can do it, why should it be any different for anyone else? It should be easy to explain the requirements needed to experience the perception of god. …read more at http://www.rollitup.org/spirituality-sexuality-philosophy/548949-universe.html

Originally Posted by nontheist that’s funny. you should do some more research. while in colorado, a swing state with legalization on the ballot, he was asked about cannabis. his reply? “aren’t there any issues of significance you’d like to talk about?” lol. sock puppets for romney! because it would be too embarrassing to support romney […]

i don’t typically mind what religious preference, or lack there of, my date is. I would feel different if they were going to be raising my children, but as far as dating i’m open to all. the only thing at all that bothers me about atheists is the “i’m better then you” attitude they have. […]

Grandma抯 Ganja Habit Fulla Nayak persisted in your village regarding Kanarpur as part of your coastal district concerning Kendrapada, Orissa. She existed on an all in one cow-dung cabin allowing an individual her 92 year old daughter, Jamuna Nayak, and her 72 year old grandson,louis vuitton handbags, Narayan Nayak,louis vuitton shoes,in your an all in […]

We are to seek the Spirit through natural means. Marijuana or any other intoxicant does not make us more spiritual. Instead, it opens us up to feelings and emotions that are not necessarily of the Spirit, but can convince us otherwise. While marijuana is a milder intoxicant, it nonetheless can impede us. Use of marijuana […]

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