Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana plants. (AP Photo/Jim Mone,File) Related Coverage PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s been about six months since recreational marijuana became legal in Oregon, but, it’s still illegal on the federal level. Longtime Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer is leading the charge to change that. “The process of prohibition has not worked. It’s criminalized the behavior of […]

Heightened competition in the market for legal recreational weed is pushing prices down and firing up border wars across state lines. Competition is so steep in Washington state that cannabis revenue growth has slowed as Oregon ramps up its adult pot sales. What’s more, in Colorado and Oregon there’s more interest from out-of-state investors entering […]

Image source: Flickr user Oswaldo. The marijuana decriminalization movement appears to be set up for one doozy of an election season. Once a taboo topic that politicians would avoid at all costs, marijuana legalization has become a closely followed national issue — and for good reason. Pretty much all polls have shown that a majority […]

HARTFORD Even though two bills legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Connecticut failed this session, proponents are seeking to keep the issue alive by holding a public informational meeting on the subject. Reps. Juan Candelaria and Toni Walker, both Democrats from New Haven, are seeking input on…read more at

“Cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, so it makes investing very risky,” said Jessica Rabe, a research analyst with ConvergEx, a New York-based brokerage that released its outlook for the industry last week. Federal laws make it difficult for marijuana businesses to open bank accounts, and as a result many have gobs of […]

Stephen Layton displays one edible product currently sold by Dr. Jolly’s dispensary in Bend. The new law now allows dispensaries to sell edibles to recreational as well as medical marijuana users. Amanda Peacher/OPB Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill into law Tuesday that integrates Oregon’s medical and recreational marijuana programs. The legislation allows dispensaries to sell edible […]


While 2016 has been a wild year on the national stage, it’s about to get a lot more laid back in Oregon. The state’s Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill Tuesday that would allow anyone 21 and older to purchase cannabis edibles, extracts and oils from medical-marijuana dispensaries, the Oregonian reported. The measure is part of Senate Bill 1511, which […]