Recreational Marijuana

It is highly likely that a number of states will attempt to jump on the bandwagon over the next couple of years and legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. New Jersey, which is currently governed by anti-drug warrior Chris Christie, is undoubtedly expected to be the main focal point of the legalization debate heading into 2018. […]

YES John P. Matheson Malden City Councilor, attorney John P. Matheson Whether you are for or against recreational marijuana establishments, there are good reasons to support a temporary moratorium in Malden. The state attorney general has said such moratoriums are consistent with a municipality’s authority to impose “reasonable time limitations” on development in order to […]

A lot of people nowadays are wondering, ‘Is medical marijuana different from recreational marijuana?’  I’d like to answer that with a simple and definitive ‘no.’ All marijuana has medicinal value. Even if you are using it ‘recreationally,’ you are still getting the benefits of consuming non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD. However, this question is a bit […]

In a townwide referendum May 20, Wilbraham residents unequivocally rejected recreational marijuana, voting 1,244 to 477 for a ballot question banning all forms of commercial enterprise related to the distribution or production of recreational marijuana in the Town of Wilbraham. That includes retail shops, cultivation and testing facilities, and businesses that manufacture pot products. The ballot vote follows the passage of […]