The government of Uruguay announce a project of legalization of the sale of marijuana June 20, 2012 The government of Uruguay announced yesterday that it will promote a proposal for the legalization of the sale of marijuana (possession and use of marijuana is already legal in Uruguay). The proposal was drafted by President José Mujica […]

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51. IN SUPPORT OF LEGALIZING MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN NORTH CAROLINA (11TH CD) WHEREAS, “Medical Marijuana” has been demonstrated to be an effective drug for treatment of certain human ailments; and WHEREAS, Current North Carolina law denies doctors the right to treat patients by prescribing Medical Marijuana; and WHEREAS, Many states currently allow doctors to prescribe […]

Currently, it’s illegal to grow industrial hemp, marijuana’s close cousin, in the U.S.–despite the fact that it’s a non-psychoactive homebuilding material that’s saved one Asheville homeowner 75% on heating and cooling costs. The $325K Asheville hemp house, the nation’s first, figures in a new documentary in the works, Bringing It Home,  about the battle for industrial hemp, the history […]

Maia Szalavitz addresses the canard: Like previous studies, [a recent study in Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, pdf] found no association between the number of [medical marijuana] dispensaries in a neighborhood and rates of violent crime or property crime. The number of alcohol-selling outlets in an area, however — even after controlling for demographic factors […]

Johnson endorses Colorado measure to legalize marijuana June 19th, 2012 · No Comments Libertarian Gary Johnson continues to reiterate his support for legalization of marijuana by going to a Denver, Colorado dispensary. Johnson says that if he’s elected president, medical marijuana businesses that are operating within state and local laws wouldn’t have to worry about […]

Rev. Leslie BraxtonLast week Seattle Weekly‘s Nina Shapiro crafted a post for Daily Weekly regarding African American pastors Rev. Leslie Braxton, Rev. Carl Livingston, and Rev. Steve Baber throwing their support behind Initiative 502, this fall’s effort to legalize marijuana in Washington. The post noted that legalization movements in other states have not received major […]

Legalize Marijuana Nicknames for marijuana include “pot,””Maryjane,” “smoke,” “weed” and “Dope.” Regardless of what it is called, the issue over legalization of marijuana comes up quite often. Medical marijuana legalization offers relief from various ailments and illnesses. General legalization would allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Since these issues are distinctively separate issues, […]

Push Design made news with a beautiful Hemp House in Asheville, North Carolina.  It received significant media attention — notwithstanding a multitude of jokes conflating industrial hemp and marijuana.  Now, hemp is being used for more projects, as shown in the above video from CBS Minnesota.  Due to strict regulations, hemp is imported and mixed […]