Marijuana is an addictive, gateway drug. It significantly impairs bodily and mental functions, and its use is related to increased violence. These are facts. Yet proponents of legalizing the drug studiously deny or downplay the well-documented dark side of marijuana trafficking and use. Instead, they promise benefits ranging from reduced crime to additional tax revenue. […]

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers introduced a bill this week designed to create enhanced legal protections for valid medical marijuana patients prosecuted due to conflicting state and federal laws regarding the legality of the substance. Under the Truth In Trials Act, sponsored by California Democratic Rep. Sam Farr and co-sponsored by other representatives such […]

by Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer For thousands of years industrial hemp was a common staple. It fed us, clothed us, housed us, sailed our ships with hemp rope and sails, it was part of our livelihood. Then, in the early 1900s, it was banned and pushed aside. Why? Why did this wonderful, useful plant get […]

U of S adjunct professor of biology Jon Page explains that the pathway is an unusual one, involving a specialized version of one enzyme, called hexanoyl-CoA synthetase, and another enzyme, called olivetolic acid cyclase (OAC), that has never before been seen in plants. “What cannabis has done is take a rare fatty acid with a […]

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have identified the chemical pipeline used by Cannabis sativa to create its signature psychoactive cannabinoids, such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, according to their report published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science . Cannabinoid production is a different kind of process that involves an enzyme, […]

Bernanke Doesn’t Reassure Anybody, Feds Block Marijuana Research, U.S. Navy Didn’t Warn Fishing Boat,: P.M. Links J.D. Tuccille | July 17, 2012 Ben Bernanke joined the chorus of voices offering little hope for near-term improvement in the national unemployment rate or the overall sluggish economic environment. Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign received a boost in the […]

Roseanne Barr may be formally out of this year’s presidential election, but she’s keeping her voice in the debate. Kind of. Roseanne Barr Is Getting Roasted on Comedy CentralRoseanne Barr, Presidential Candidate, Courts Willie Nelson for Vice Presidential Slot Appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, Barr,…read more at

It’s stories like this that make me so proud to be in support of legalization. We are on the right side and anyone who is fighting against us need only look here. The restrictions placed on this plant are directly harmful to us as U.S. citizens. It is so important and urgent that we legalize […]

An expert panel warned Tuesday that legalizing marijuana in just one state could drive down prices and encourage more people to use the drug, according to the Los Angeles Times. The panel was sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute. Voters in Oregon, Colorado and Washington will consider ballot measures in November that could legalize marijuana, […]