May 2016

 Print By Edward B. Driscoll, Jr. Homeschooling reached a remarkable milestone in North Carolina during the 2014-15 school year. With enrollment topping 100,000 students, the Tar Heel State now has more homeschoolers than students in private school. The trend isn’t limited to North Carolina, either. A recent Florida study pegged homeschooling growth there at nearly […]

By Mike Perleberg (Columbus, Ind.) – Ohioans won’t get to vote on legalizing medical marijuana this November. Ohio state lawmakers passed a bill legalizing a vapor form of medical marijuana last week. House Bill 523 is now awaiting Governor John Kasich’s signature into law. Ohioans for Medical Marijuana was petitioning to get a medical marijuana […]

The opening, originally slated for last year, was delayed because of “modest” patient numbers, will be at a location at 104 7th St. S. Moorhead was designated as one of eight locations for dispensaries under Minnesota’s stringent medical marijuana law, passed in 2014. The law allows controlled use of the drug for certain qualified diseases, […]

LEWISTON, Maine — A new coalition aimed at defeating a November ballot question that will ask Maine voters to make marijuana legal for recreational use is growing, according to a release from a coalition leader Tuesday. Mainers Protecting Our Youth and Communities includes parents, health experts, clergy and police, said Scott Gagnon, the coalition’s spokesman […]

DEADWOOD, S.D. (AP) — A 2001 discovery has become one of Deadwood’s Archive Department’s most telling artifacts from a special subculture who dwelled in the city during its earliest days. What appeared at first glance 15 years ago to be merely a clump of dirt discovered during the Deadwood Chinatown archaeological investigation…read more at

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP/KMOX) — The Illinois House has approved a plan to expand the state’s medical marijuana pilot program by two-and-a-half years and add post-traumatic stress disorder and terminal illness to the list of allowed conditions. Lawmakers voted 86-27 on Monday to advance the measure, which Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner supports. It now goes to […]

DRUG SWITCH: People addicted to opioids in Vermont may soon have the ability to use medical marijuana to combat their addition. With opioid addiction increasing at alarming rates, leaders are open to new ideas, including the use of medical marijuana to help mitigate the crisis. “People are looking for creative solutions here,” said Kalev Freeman, […]

In Canada, medical marijuana is to be fully legalised in 2017. Marijuana was given to us by Mother Earth for a reason, yet for many years we let it slip through our fingers. Many decades later we finally have a hold on the substance and in just one step we could have the answer. Many […]

OKLAHOMA CITY – Medical marijuana supporters believe the drug will soon become legal in Oklahoma. Right now, a petition is circulating to get the issue on the November ballot. Oklahoman’s for Health need 66,000 signatures. The petition kicked off May 14th and will end August 11th. So far the group says it has around 8,000 […]

A new coalition has formed to oppose the marijuana legalization initiative on the November ballot, the group announced Tuesday. Mainers Protecting Our Youth and Communities includes parents, youth, health experts, faith leaders, law enforcement and public health advocates, said Scott Gagnon, spokesman for the group. Gagnon said the group is working to identify and recruit […]

A notoriously anti-gay street preacher named “Brother” Dean Saxton finally provoked a passerby to the point of nearly-deadly violence. Earlier this month, Saxton was standing outside an Arizona high school preaching an extreme version of Christianity and carrying a sign that read “You Deserve Rape.” This was offensive enough to 19-year-old Tabitha Brubaker that she […]