Drug Fight Malawi against industrial hemp research

Drug Fight Malawi, a local NGO has faulted government for allowing two firms conduct research on industrial hemp.

Zakeyu (centre) against legal hempZakeyu (centre) against legal hemp

Zakeyu (centre) against legal hemp

Drug Fight Malawi official Nelson Zakeyu feared the research was a step ahead of legalising hemp which he said would grossly be abused by the youth.

“This is a setback in the fight against drug abuse. Not many can know the difference between industrial hemp and hemp,” said Zakeyu.

He then asked the government to withdraw the permits for the research and declare that  hemp is still illegal in Malawi.

The government announced two months ago that it would legalise industrial hemp, the use of hemp in products.

Those who are for industrial hemp argue that the government is moving in a right direction as countries that have embraced industrial hemp have had their economies turned for the better.

Some countries, including a few in the US have legalised marijuana smoking and the drug is sold in designated shops.

However the United Nations maintain hemp smoking is illegal and is blamed for rising mental problems in some countries and rising crime in others.