Take Two for California's Marijuana Legalization Push

Those were people who self-identified as such–and I suspect
culturally conservative minorities don’t self-identify so much as

“You then mentioned Hispanics and I offered evidence that
they were nearly evenly split on the issue.”

They weren’t evenly split on the issue.

Look at the numbers again:

Yes = Ban gay marriage.

No = Don’t ban gay marriage.

Vote by Race


49% Yes

51% No


70% Yes

30% No


53% Yes

47% No


49% Yes

51% No


51% Yes

49% No

White people and Asians were both evenly split. Latinos and
African-Americans are what passed Prop 8.

53/47 is actually a pretty nice gap–especially considering that
Obama only won 53% of the popular vote in 2008. And, at any rate,
Latino voters appear to be more culturally conservative than whites

If it had just been up to white voters, Prop 8 would have been
rejected. It passed, and that was becasue of minority voters.