Ever wondered why you are alive?

Here’s a small article from a Spiritual Master, a Master that is very direct and gets to the point. I have read a few of his books and in my experience it is true. See for yourself


AT PRESENT your realisation is limited to ‘I am a disciple’, or a student, a follower, or a seeker of truth. And even if you do not quite understand what is being said here, you still have a sense of self-realisation: the changing realisations of yourself as, say, a doctor, business person, parent, lover, pensioner, millionaire. You live your life according to those limitations. It may be true that you are a seeker or a disciple, a parent or a millionaire, but it’s not the truth. Such partial realisations are only true for now and don’t last. They end, change, retire, grow old or die. The truth is that ‘I’ in every body do not vary. ‘I’ do not come and go. Once realised ‘I’ am changeless, complete, free of limitation. Realising this consciously in your own body is your life-long task and destiny.


Basically ‘self-realisation’ is understanding the truth of yourself, for example. You can realise that you are part of nature, one with this glorious Earth, that is true? Is it not?. That nature is selfless, everything is willing itself to you for example. You can pick an orange from a tree, it was willing for itself to get picked. These are all realising something that is ordinary but none the less beautiful, something that is true.

When he refers to ‘I’ he is referring to your intelligent attention. Your attention is always with you, your consciousness in other words. During waking, sleep, unconsciousness and dreamless sleep your attention is always there, it has no memory, there is no need for memory. If attention had memory you would remember your birth. So this ‘I’, is my true presence and self, eternal.

I guess if you hear what I’m saying or take interest in understanding who you truly are then as life does, it happens. A scientist can show you how a flower blooms but never why.

Be easy.