Chemjobber: Big Pharma making cannabinoid-like drugs? Been

This New York article on the synthetic drug craze was somewhat interesting, if not a bit breathlessly reported.* But here is a statement from a New York-area physician that I felt was wrong:

[Dr. Julie] Holland believes that it’s a foregone conclusion that the next decade will include a new generation of Big Pharma meds based on marijuana. “You’re going to have medicine for inflammation and metabolism tickling the cannabis receptors—they’ll act like cannabinoids, but aren’t going to get you high.” (Harvard Medical School professor John Halpern recently started a company, Entheogen Corp., to develop 2-bromo-LSD, a non-hallucinogenic LSD analog, to treat cluster headaches, one of the most painful conditions in medicine.)

So I’m probably wrong about this, since I’m not a medicinal chemist. But hasn’t the ground of CB1/CB2 receptor targeted compounds been plowed pretty thoroughly, with some prominent failures? There are most certainly other receptor systems that haven’t yet been investigated, but I suspect that Dr. Holland is incorrect in her prediction that Big Pharma is bringing such things to market.

[Also, Dr. Holland’s prediction reminds me of the XKCD column on ‘translating researchers.’]

Readers, please, prove me wrong.

*I’m so bored with this genre, it’s not funny.