NY Legislators Introduce Medical Marijuana Bill, Bitcoin Enjoying

Libertarianism tells us that freedom is the ultimate good
and that it should be maximized, so in order to accomplish that, we
must limit government intervention, which restricts free action.
Here’s the problem with that premise: Freedom isn’t simply the
absence of government. It’s the absence of any force stopping
people from doing what they have a right to do. If we take away
government, we aren’t left with freedom; we’re left with

Put another way, freedom isn’t my right to live unless
someone stronger wants to kill me; it is my right to live even if
someone stronger wants to kill me….

Achieving LGBT equality will require ensuring the freedom to
exercise equal rights, which includes the right to get married, but
also the right to work, access fair and affordable housing, make
use of public accommodations and live in communities and go to
school free from fear of violence, harassment and

It’s a pretty straightforward conflation of positive and
negative rights is all.