Efforts To Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Use | The Diane

I had two negative experiences with this issue that I would like to share with listeners. One morning, my daughter and I went to wish Happy Birthday to a girl in a neighborhood, both girls were about 4 years old at the time. We had gifts and balloons and when we got there (about 10:30am), the girl’s mom was completely stoned on the medical marijuana she was allowed to take and of course the little girl only realized that it was her birthday because we came over with the gifts. Another time a friend on mine told me that when her daughter was less than 1 years old, her husband was addicted to marijuana. They were struggling financially because he could not keep a job. So once they had $20 left for a week and my friend asked her husband to get milk and food for the little girl, but he in turn went and bought marijuana.

Now, in both cases, these people are not generally bad people, but they were addicted and that addiction was affecting the decisions they made. I am afraid that making marijuana legal will give some impression that it is “OK” to take, which will lead to an addiction, which it turn will affect people around them.