July 2012

President of the South American was the first person to call for “regulated and controlled legalization of marijuanaâ€� in a security plan unveiled last month. Photo: Colorado Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana Connections/Flickr President Jose Mujica said at the time: “We’ll have to regulate farm production so there’s no contraband and regulate distribution.â€� “We must make […]

The Democratic sponsor of a Kentucky state Senate bill to make Kentucky a medical marijuana state has a Republican opponent who also supports legalization of medical marijuana. Sen. Perry Clark made headlines earlier this month when he admitted to recent marijuana use, a very poorly kept secret in Frankfort. His Republican opponent, Louisville businessman Chris […]

Behind its stylish art deco facade, the Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility has hosted some of the most important scientific discoveries in UC Irvine’s brief history. From its laboratories came the first stem cell therapies for spinal cord injury, and breakthrough findings by researchers there on the roots of neurodegenerative diseases offer real hope for people […]

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A long read, but what else you got to do today? If you got the time, and are the least bit interested in philosophy… it’s definitely worth the read. The main difference between religious and atheistic philosophy is much more fundamental than just the existence of god or gods. A religious philosophy suggests the existence […]

How intuitive were our forefathers? Was the Constitution a living document? Or was it something that was set in stone, meant to be followed throughout the ages, regardless of how mankind evolved with technologies, pharmaceuticals, and guns? With so many judges on the Supreme Court claiming to be strict constitutionalists, one can’t help but wonder […]

(Credit: CBS Boston) (CBS) Federal authorities in Maine charged 49-year-old Timothy Courtois Tuesday with weapons and drug counts after stopping him for speeding, and finding a cache of weapons, including an AK-47, a machine gun, ammunition and news clippings about the Colorado “Batman” movie theater shooting that killed 12 people on Friday. When state police […]

Turnaround is fair play, Erik Lukens, editorial page editor of the Portland Oregonian. Today your editorial calls the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA), which would legalize and tax marijuana for adult consumption, farcical. Well, after reading your poorly-reasoned opinion piece I’d like to assign it the same dismissive adjective: farcical. (I’m not alone, based on […]

US prohibition of hemp farming is a national catastrophe. Addiction to fossil energy is a global, ecological catastrophe. Both are peoples’ catastrophes; right up there with the consequences of hemp prohibition, and suppression of Mother Energy access, is the demonstrated disregard of humanity. Nature is infinitely subtle. We are part of nature. Working against nature […]

U of S researchers have discovered the chemical pathway that Cannabis sativa uses to create bioactive compounds called cannabinoids, paving the way for the development of marijuana varieties to produce pharmaceuticals or cannabinoid-free industrial hemp. The research appears online in the July 16 early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). U of S adjunct […]

Hello, I am a grower.. Smoking pot is awesome! But sometimes you get to point in your life where you are looking to find yourself.. To find your God, your purpose, your DNA.. Well let me say this brew will send you on cosmic journey to hell and to heaven, you’ll die then be reborn.. […]