May 2012

Introduction: The CUPID study investigated the usefulness of cannabinoids (chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant) or THC slowing progression in MS. Aims: The study set out to investigate the following:- 1. Does THC have any value in slowing progressive MS over a three year period? 2. Is THC safe over a three year period? […]

Wednesday May 30, 2012, 8:55 am Excellent comments! Michael M. is especially eloquent. Nancy H. asks: Which of these two substances is more dangerous and unhealthy – pot or alcohol? It is alcohol, by a wide margin. Grass in college is what saved me from becoming an alcoholic. As a freshman, I was alone and […]

A Texas congressional candidate who favors marijuana legalization beat eight-term incumbent El Paso Rep. Silvestre Reyes Tuesday in the Democratic primary for the congressional district closest to Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez. In unofficial results, Beto O’Rourke scored 23,248 votes for 50.5 percent of the vote, clearing the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a runoff. Reyes […]

CONCORD, N.H. – The New Hampshire Senate is considering protecting industrial hemp from being tagged as an illicit drug. The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on a…read more at

When most people think of hemp, visions of parental lectures and classroom moments with dire warnings about the evils of the drug marijuana flash through their minds. This common misconception is one of the main reasons industrial hemp is not growing throughout America today. Hemp is often confused with marijuana even though hemp contains less […]

Coming to Arizona? Find info about getting an Arizona Medical Marijuana License. Brought to you by, the Arizona Medical Marijuana source for doctors, dispensaries and attorneys in Arizona. What Is THCV? THCV is found in largest quantities in Cannabis sativa strains. It is currently being developed as a treatment for metabollic disorders including diabetes. […]

Poll: Children Medical Marijuana Cards Michigan has issued medical marijuana cards covering 44 children. Most are teenagers, but three of them are under 10 years old. The Detroit Free Press reports that 21 of those with the cards are 17 years old, eleven are 16 and five are 15. A seven year old and two nine […]

Rebecca Brown says she tried every prescription drug she could find to control the frequent seizures her son suffered because of a severe form of epilepsy. When nothing worked consistently, and the drugs and special diet caused kidney stones and pancreas problems as side effects, the Oakland County woman turned to medical marijuana. Now, Cooper […]