April 2012

  Well my fellow 420 fans it looks like backing for legalizing pot and taxing medical weed out grew its marijuana hating opposition in the latest Rasmussen poll taken. In the latest poll the respondents were asked about our countries current stance on medical marijuana and the economic impact that the legalization of marijuana might have […]

Drug War Issues Criminal JusticeAsset Forfeiture, Collateral Sanctions (College Aid, Drug Taxes, Housing, Welfare), Court Rulings, Drug Courts, Due Process, Felony Disenfranchisement, Incarceration, Policing (2011 Drug War Killings, 2012 Drug War Killings, Arrests, Eradication, Informants, Interdiction, Lowest Priority Policies, Police Corruption, Police Raids, Profiling, Search and Seizure, SWAT/Paramilitarization, Task Forces, Undercover Work), Probation or Parole, […]

When people think of the Sunshine State they envision sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and smiling faces. However, what many people might not realize about Florida is that it is one of the strictest states when it comes to possessing and distributing marijuana. If an individual is caught with just one ounce of marijuana, they could […]

To only be crystal-clear, the kind of potpourri to smoke to get high isn’t type that you choose to put in a little pot with a bit of water and steam for making home smell nice. That version of potpourri is sweet, but it would not get you high, in case a person inhales that […]